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Choosing The Right Interior Colors & Painting Styles For Your House….

Choosing The Right Interior Colors & Painting Styles For Your House….

posted on: February 17, 2013
in: Stripes

There is a very fine and nearly invisible line that separates asking for advice about what color to paint a room in your house and falling into a wretched pit of unsatisfiable despair. Before even starting, you have to ask yourself, who am I painting this room for? Are you painting your kids playroom so that they will like it or do you want to make a statement to the surrounding cul-de-sacs that you are an as-yet unheralded designer with the most avant garde of sensibilities? There is no right or wrong answer. Either one is fine. It is like packing for a vacation. Nothing wrong with packing a surf board unless you are travelling to Bolivia.

If you ask a friend what color goes with another color they will always tell you. It is the law of the jungle: men always think they know best how to build a camp fire and your neighbors always believe that they know which shade of pomegranate goes with your couch. Asking advice is hazardous country to navigate. If you take the advice you may hate it and be miserable but if you don’t your neighbor may hold a grudge and make you both miserable.

One solution is to hire a decorator who you can blame if your friends hate the room. Another is to ask everyone with that haughty air of someone who really isn’t listening to anyone’s counsel but secretly writes it all down. The bottom line is that you can not and will not ever satisfy all your friends. I saw a bumper sticker that said “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” What could be more brilliant? When your friends start that sentence…you know the one. It begins with, “ Well I wouldn’t have…” just remember that Luciano Pavarotti, Paul McCartney and Ghandi all have had people who did not agree with them. It is your house. Be sassy. Be bold and have fun.

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