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The walls of your home should do more than keep out the cold. From snappy whites to a fantastic verdigris or black coffee glaze strong colors reveal that you know what you want and how to get it. Let me compose a stunning palette of colors and finishes for your home

JoeAprofile.1I like to say, “if you can dream it, we can paint it.” With color we travel through time and space; to a kitchen in Tuscany, a cabaret in Paris, a Greek Island bleached by the sun and brine of history. Why should we travel to see the world’s beauty, then come home to rooms that do no more than contain our clutter?

My work is bringing the look and textures of what is fine and inspiring into your home. I have been at it since the 80’s. I have an extensive portfolio of photos and samples and will take the time to compose work that is yours alone.

When you hire Joe Adami for decorative painting, you are getting the benefit of two decades superb craftsmanship, creativity and skill. Joe has intensely studied the craft of faux finish painting around the world and offers you an enormous selection of gorgeous textures and designs for decorative walls.

“When I come into a home, I bring with me over two decades of study and practice in the craft of decorative painting. I work personally with my clients to compose finishes and styles that express exactly the look they want. I help designers realize their projects by faithfully rendering the designs that they request. I have a large portfolio of finishes that will inspire homeowners to achieve the look and feel that they have always wanted in their home.”

— Joe Adami

Imagine a home that has the unique characteristics that reflect your personal taste and aesthetic; that’s what Joe Adami’s work achieves.

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