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Your Ceiling Paint Does Not Need To Be White

Your Ceiling Paint Does Not Need To Be White

posted on: February 15, 2013
in: About Your Ceilings

When it comes to painting the fifth wall in a room most people turn their imaginations off and punt the ball. The fifth wall that I am referring to is the ceiling which is usually abandoned to some version of white. The theory here is that it “raises’ the ceiling. I’ve had clients who had 10 or 12 foot ceilings that they were afraid would become oppressively low and closed in if they painted some audacious color up there. Nothing could be more untrue. The ceiling of a room represents wall space at least as great as the largest wall in the room.  There is nothing wrong with painting it white so long as you realize that you don’t have to.

A ceiling that is darker than the rest of the room has a warming effect. It “cozies” the room rather than closing it in. I did a master bedroom the color of wheat chaff with a bronze accent wall and painted the ceiling a warm rustic blue. The ceilings were high and peaked. It was fantastic.

What you have to ask yourself is this. When you enter a room that is painted with bold sassy colors do you like it? When you go into Grouchy Gabe’s in Croton does the dark ceiling feel confining-or warm and welcoming? Often times we love color in other places but are afraid to venture beyond the land of beige in our own homes. Beige is a color that exists practically nowhere in nature. It is a non-event that  flips a bird at the miracle that is color. Next time you paint a ceiling give a thought to that two inch thick fan deck that they have behind the counter at the paint store. You can paint the thing white or beige if you want to-but you don’t have to.

Have fun painting

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