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The walls of your home should do more than keep out the cold. From snappy whites to a fantastic verdigris or black coffee glaze strong colors reveal that you know what you want and how to get it. Let me compose a stunning palette of colors and finishes for your home

If an apple is red, or a leaf green; if a rose is pink or coffee is black, why then can you find no color in a paint store display that exactly matches any of them? The answer is that nature rarely does single colors. A yellow stone may seem monochrome on first glance but a closer look will reveal layered notions of different yellows –like ingredients in a recipe.

Broken color finishes bring this depth to the walls of your home. I’ve heard rooms done in broken color described as drifty, or liquid or, one that I like-broken in. There are paint chips labeled “raw hide’ and then there is a catcher’s mitt- or a saddle-or your favorite leather jacket.

Broken color is that tea stained look that plaster gets after years and years, or that Maltese limestone gets after a few centuries. The colors drift without calling for a lot of attention, which is why artwork shows beautifully against a broken color wall.

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