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Useful Tips On Removing Wallpaper

Useful Tips On Removing Wallpaper

posted on: February 19, 2013
in: Useful Painting Tips

Properly hung wallpaper is a lot like a well tied knot. It stays put for as long as you need it and then releases without a fuss when it is untied. Picture a bowline that joins the clew of a sail to its sheet lines. If you never needed to change sails you could cross an ocean without ever changing that knot. It will never, ever let go-until you want it to. Then with a flip of the wrist and a tug it is gone.

Wallpaper should be like that; and it can be if the walls are prepared correctly. If they are not then removing that paper is like removing a can of tuna  from a grizzly bear. I recently did battle with four walls of heinously ugly paper that would not let go. If you ever run into this try to stay patient and just remember all the stop signs you’ve rolled through in your life. It’s like a little payback.

Mix some Diff wallpaper stripper and hot water into a garden sprayer.  Slip a putty  knife into one of the seams and start peeling the front of the wallpaper off the wall. This is the part that has the pattern on it. You will be left with a grocery bag- colored backing that is still on the wall. This backing is what you will do battle with. Spray it with the Diff/water solution and wait a few minutes. Then spray it again. And again. Most of the horror stories that I hear about stripping paper occur because someone didn’t use enough water, or wait long enough. For reasons too vast to go into it can take 5 minutes or 10 or 30 or 50 or more  minutes of steady soaking.  Keep wetting it until it “falls off the bone” so to speak.  Then paint the walls some wonderous and vivacious color so that you never have to strip paper again.

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