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Exterior & Interior Residential Painting

I service residential properties in the Seattle region. I will go as far north as Shoreline or as far south as Tacoma.

Exterior & Interior Commercial Painting

I service commercial properties but prefer interior offices or buildings only that are two stories. I will go as far north as Shoreline or as far south as Tacoma.

Custom Coloring

Just the act of opening  a two inch  thick fan deck of colors at the paint stores is enough to stop many a painting project dead in its tracks. Painting should be a joyful process. It is the act of wrapping your life in colors that you love. Often there are several colors that are fantastic for a room.

Choosing which one can be terrifying. It shouldn’t be. It is only paint. I will take the panic out of picking colors. Whether it is a single color or a razzamatazz bronze metallic the paint is the first thing you see. We’ll make it fun, easy and mostly we’ll make it beautiful.

Expert Surfacing

A can of paint is simply a can of color. If the walls are cracked, if the trim is raggedy, if repairs from the last three paint jobs are showing through like a pox, then there is more to do than just bringing color.

Paint doesn’t really “hide sins” as some people like to say!

I use only top of the line primers, paints and materials.

Taping, re-surfacing, skim coating-I will prepare your rooms so that they show beautifully and so the beauty lasts

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 4.55.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 4.52.02 PM.png
Decorative Design

I approach decorative painting like a good chef in a kitchen. There is no recipe with a list of rules-just a room full of ingredients and my knowledge of how they all work and can work together.

Playful stripes, metallics, plasters and patinas-they can rejuvenate the old and threadbare or take the cold and garish and warm it in the glow of tradition and history.

I have a portfolio of hand finished samples to help us find direction, then I’ll make samples until we find the most fantastic look for your home.

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 5.01.55 PM.png
Custom Textures

When we found Joe Adami our entire house took on a whole new look and feel of elegance and comfort.

From the mirror polish of Venetian plaster or painted marble to the rough country feel of glazed plaster decorative finishes bring tactile delight to a wall as well as beauty and often times mystery.

A Venetian plaster finish feels like nothing else while stones and metalics are a world to themselves. A broken stucco wall can reveal mysterious graffiti from ages past. The walls of our homes should do so much more than just contain our clutter.

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